Monday, 9 April 2012

Grab a beer, take a seat, read, listen, absorb yourself.

The Reading Room at
The Kenton Pub
38 Kenton Road
E9 7AB

Saturday, 24 September 2011

We're top of the bill (how nice) at The Manchester Print Fair tomorrow (Sunday 25th September). We'll be occupying the stage with a reading room / grandma (with excellent taste in reading material) sitting room set-up from 11am - 5pm.
It'll be real nice - we don't even care if you buy anything - reading is our only aim.

Night and Day Cafe
26 Oldham Street
Northern Quarter
M1 1JN

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

the reading room
the kenton
kenton road
E9 7AB

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


A little pic of our Reading Room for the Hotbed Press Wayzgoose last weekend...

Thursday, 28 April 2011


Wayzgoose! (Salford style...)As part of Sights from the Other City as part of Sounds From the Other City...This Sat and Sun at Hotbed Press. We have a little corner of books for you to have a look at...As well as this there will also be lots of lovely prints to buy and you can have a nosy round Hotbed Press if you fancy too...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Help a Parlour Presser on her latest endeavor.
(feel free to reblog/forward)
I would like to invite all blog followers and beyond to participate in the following project:

Words shift in meaning based on subjective experiences and encounters with language. This shifting shapes interpretation of speech and text. This is an investigation into how different people approach text, language and form in order to gain understanding and where this leaves both author and audience. Through the handling and interpreting of this text users are generating their own narratives, perhaps then we could form a new united author based on our differences.

How to participate....
I am inviting you to take ownership of a piece of text. To write/mark upon the sheet of paper as you might do with a theoretical or academic writing. Creating a sort of map of your approach to the text. Interrogate it, change it, edit it, define it, critique it, re-write it, empathise with it, engage with it... do whatever you like as long as you act upon the page. APPROPRIATE IT.

The result will be a rewriting of the original text in order to make it more complete through collective understanding/interpretations, or more flawed text as intention may have all together deteriorated. The rewritten text will be generated by you, the reader who through reading, understanding and marking the sheet will become a part of the collective author.

The collated responses and rewritten text will then be reproduced in the form of a publication.
To participate simply download the image, print, digest the contents, appropriate the text and then return it to me via email.
Please forward the image to any one else that may also be interested in participating
(please cc to help keep track of the project, I will not hound you with emails I promise)

If you would prefer a hard copy of the text please send postal address to ::::::::: :::::::::::




Thursday, 3 March 2011

Leeds Artist Book Fair 2011

Scans of the most recent PP book piece 'If you Lived in This Town.' Images stolen from Casablanca (1942) and words by Aidan John Moffat (International Valentine 2008). Laser printed and stapled with love (by Caitlin). Thankyou Dave Arthur for the idea...we will be selling this book and a few others at The Leeds Art Book Fair next weekend (11-12 March) with Hotbed Press. If you are in Leeds, you should come.